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Craig Reichman

Craig Reichman
Craig Reichman
General Manager - Direct Cold
Years in Industry 6
Started at Direct 2014
In your own words, what does your role involve?
My role involves aligning our Direct Couriers operation standards with our new Direct Cold division. Whether it's dealing with clients, contractors and/or staff on a day to day basis, the workflow never sleeps. Our end goal is to grow the cold division with the same approach and direction as Direct Couriers.
What do you like most about working at Direct Couriers?
The best part about coming to work was seeing my father, grandfather and late uncle in the same office. Having the opportunity to learn and grow from family is what strives me to grow myself.
What is the most memorable thing that has happened during your time in the business?
I started in 2014, straight from high school. I had the opportunity to go on the road with our drivers and learn from the heart of the business. Understanding that the face of Direct Couriers are the friendly, approachable drivers that our clients see on a day to day basis. Learning from the ground up within the business operations has been the most memorable start to a career.
Which AFL / NRL / Super15 team do you support?
None of the above. Tottenham Hotspur are my main focus. With American sports to follow.
Other Interests?
Beating my dad in a round of Golf. Nothing else matters until this has been accomplished.

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