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Our aim in 2017 is to smash our efforts from 2016 and raise $45,000 to support the Cure for MND Foundation.

Direct Couriers have once again entered a team in the 2017 Daniher's Drive. This charity drive supports the Cure for MND Foundation, with participants raising money during the 4 day drive throughout the heart of Victoria in October this year.

Our customers and suppliers can show their support and donate to Team Direct Couriers. All money raised is tax deductable.

To show our appreciation, for donations over $500 Direct Couriers will place a logo of your company on our vehicle for the duration of Danihers Drive.  You logo will be shown on our website as supporting this wonderful cause, in addition to being placed in our customer and staff newsletters.

Please go to the below link and support Team Direct Couriers:


What we are fighting

Motor Neurone Disease (MND)

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is the name given to a group of diseases in which the nerve cells (neurones) controlling the muscles that enable us to move around, speak, swallow and breathe fail to work normally and eventually die. With no nerves to activate them the muscles gradually weaken and waste.

It is also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease in the US, named after the famous American Baseball player who succumbed to the disease.

With no residual muscles or strength, MND patients are left motionless,mute, and trapped within their once active bodies. In the majority, the mind and intellect are left intact, with the sufferer bearing witness to it all.

The patterns of weakness and rate of progression vary from person to person, and while some people can live a long time with MND, the average life expectancy is 27 months from diagnosis.

The Hard Facts.....

  • MND is a progressive, terminal neurological disease
  • Sufferers progressively lose the ability to walk, talk, feed themselves, swallow, and ultimately breathe
  • MND can affect ANYONE
  • The estimated life time risk of being diagnosed with MND is 1 in 300 – this is the same as one person in an average movie theatre
  • Every day at least 2 people are diagnosed with MND in Australia
  • Average life expectancy following diagnosis is only 27 months
  • There is no effective treatment and no known cure
  • More than 2000 people are currently fighting MND in Australia. 60% male and 40% female*
  • Average time from symptom onset to confirmation of diagnosis by a neurologist is 10 to 18 months*
    Approximately 58% of people with MND are under the age of 65*
    The total economic cost of MND in Australia was $2.37 billion in 2015. With around 2000 people currently fighting, this equates to $1.1 million per person*
    For each year they live, every MND patient will on average require $31,598 worth of equipment. The average lifespan is between 2-5 years so this equates to an average lifetime cost of between $63,196 and $157,990 in equipment needs alone*. Carer, hospital expenses, loss of income, home modifications, wheelchair accessible vehicles, medication costs etc, are all above this. Estimated cost to live with the disease is around $200,000 per year depending on level of disability and needs of the individual.
  • For every person diagnosed with MND it is estimated that a further 14 members of their family and friends will live with the emotional effect of MND forever
    In 2013 there were 147,678 deaths registered in Australia. With 787 deaths related to MND that year, MND therefore accounted for 1 in 200 deaths in 2013*.
    The number of deaths due to MND is increasing*

Source: Deloitte Access Economics report: Economic Analysis of MND in Australia 2015 report for Motor Neurone Disease Australia, Deloitte Access Economics, Canberra, November.


We would like to thank the following businesses for their generous support in 2016: